JP - Bumbleforth

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JP - Bumbleforth
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Bumbleforth is 22" tall. He isn't a complicated pattern, although some sewing experience needed.

Bumbleforth has wired fingers, button jointed shoulders and sewn movable hip joints, sculpted face with inserted acrylic eyes, with eyelids. Fake fur beard. Face painting and hair and beard fixing instructions are included. He is able to sit, or may be displayed on a doll stand as in the picture.

Pattern includes, instructions for magic staff, and leather bag of spells. All instructions for doll and costume including under robe, with sleeves. Over cape, sleeveless. Knickerbocker trousers, and wizard hat. Boots are attached to legs.

This is a pattern or component kit only, not a finished product. Please read the product description carefully. Note that we do not accept returns on patterns.