SEI Tumble Dye - Neon Lime [108]

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SEI Tumble Dye - Neon Lime [108]



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Tumble-Dye is an easy and permanent tie-dye for use on fabrics, ribbon, lace, trims, silks, dried flowers, baskets, wood, paper and more.

Tumble-Dye is a pre-mixed tie-dye and eliminates the need of rubber gloves, salts and tubs of hot water. Create your tie-dye design by spraying, dipping, or painting. After the article is completely dry, simply heat set in a dryer for 20 minutes or iron with a hot iron.

Tumble-Dye is a non-toxic and environmentally safe. Mix colors or dilute with water for even more color options.

2 fl. oz. bottle with pump spray.