Permanent Metallic Resist - 886 Red Gold

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Permanent Metallic Resist - 886 Red Gold
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Made by Jacquard Products who also bring us Lumiere and Dye-Na-Flow paints, these resists can be used in many different ways.

They are water based and are washable & dry cleanable once they've been heat set - either in the dryer or using a hot iron. You can apply them with a brush, but they're best used with Jacquard's applicator bottles. If used straight from the bottle applicator bottle with a #7 tip. Can be thinned with water if necessary. If you do thin with water it's probably best to use a #5 tip.

By definition, a "resist" is used in silk painting to outline areas and to keep the dye or paint from flowing outside of the outlined area. Jacquard indicates that the product is most effective as a resist when the resist lines are unbroken and penetrate the fabric. Also, you must let the resist dry thoroughly before applying the dye to your outlined area. This product can also be used on cotton, just be sure the resist lines fully penetrate the fabric.

Also can be used as an embellishment of already painted pieces.

2.25 ounce bottle