Tentakulum Silk Throwster's Waste - Cezanne [121]

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Tentakulum Silk Throwster's Waste - Cezanne [121]
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A creative material with a high potential to make you an addict!

A Throwster is a machine used for silk spinning. Gummy silk threads, that can not be used for quality silk threads, are mostly available in a crinkled version. Sericin, the natural silk glue that covers the fibers can be dissolved with water and fixed again by ironing. Gorgeous papers and more can be produced very quickly!

The only thing you should not really use it for is clothing. You can wash the material, but the sericin will dissolve again during the washing process and it won't return to the same arrangement it had before its turn in the laundry.

10 gram package. As this is a hand-dyed product, please expect some variation from the colors shown.