Shiva Artist's Paintsticks - 16 Mini Iridescent Colors [11305]

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Shiva Artist's Paintsticks - 16 Mini Iridescent Colors [11305]
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Shiva Artist’s Paintstick is real oil paint in a solid stick form. They look like a crayon and can be held in the same fashion as you use them. Unlike conventional oil colors, these colors dry in about 24 hours and form a flexible film. The colors are all intermixable and can also be mixed with traditional oil paints.

This set contains an Iridescent Blender and the following colors:

* Iridescent Pearl White * Iridescent Charcoal * Iridescent Silver * Iridescent Red * Iridescent Pink * Iridescent Gold * Iridescent Orange * Iridescent Dark Blue * Iridescent Turquoise * Iridescent Purple * Iridescent Green * Iridescent Leaf Green * Iridescent Brown * Iridescent Copper * Iridescent Light Gold