Knitted Metal Mesh by the Yard - [3124] Lavender

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Fabulous for surface embellishment! This unique knitted metal mesh comes knit like a tube. The diameter measures approximately 3 3/8" wide. Pull it lengthwise and it stretches about 25% - 30%. Pull it along the width and create a fun fluted, ruffley effect. This product can be sewn over and can be easily cut with a regular pair of scissors.

The picture below illustrated the steps to achieve the ruffley look. We started with a piece of mesh that was about 10" long. We gave it a stretch lengthwise and it ended up about 13" long and 1 1/2" wide. We gave the edges a pull to flute it.

Don't forget that this product is knit into a tube. Simply snip along the length of one side to open it up and double the width!

Price is for one yard of mesh. Arrives as a flat tube measuring approximately 3 3/8" wide.