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Journaling, Scrapbooking & Creating Keepsakes with Fabric

by Lesley Riley

A scrapbook gets put away; a quilt goes on display--perhaps framed and hung on the wall, or draped over the couch, placed right where everyone can see it.

These 24 original quilts incorporate the same treasured photos and memorabilia that normally go into a scrapbook, but in a unique and unusual format. And they're fun to make too, thanks to the many innovative techniques that are both easy for a beginner to master and excitingly new to the experienced quilter.

Direct print favorite pictures on fabric with an inkjet printer. Arrange images on the quilt to tell a story. Tea-dye material to make it will look antique, creating a perfect background for those vintage photos.

Extensive opening sections on art and design basics provide a plethora of invaluable tips, from how to mix and match colors to how to use pattern and texture. (There's even a list of the 10 most common composition mistakes.) Quilters, collage artists, scrapbookers, and those who work with mixed media and assemblage will be thrilled at the abundance of breathtaking ideas on these pages.

128 pages.