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Mosaic Renaissance - ON SALE!
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Reviving Classic Tile Art with Millefiori

by Laurel Skye

Inside Mosaic Renaissance discover a treasure trove of rich, inspiring patterns and intriguing mosaic projects that incorporate handcrafted Italian glass known as millefiori.

After learning essential mosaic techniques-like cutting tiles and mixing a batch of grout - get inspired by a collection of beautiful millefiori patterns you can use in your own mosaic art. Then try ten illustrated mosaic projects ranging from the practical (a basic trivet, a simple box) to the peculiar (a blushing bride skull) plus pretty projects sure to please.

Mosaic Renaissance will renew your love of mosaics with:

* An introduction to tiling tools and techniques
* 60+ sample patterns, from simple to complex
* 10 mosaic projects complete with step-by-step instruction
* A gallery of 40 mosaic pieces from artists around the world

With inspiration for all skill levels, Mosaic Renaissance is a visual feast of ideas for reviving your mosaic art.

127 pages, full color.