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by Veronika Gunter

…they’re frighteningly adorable, and they’re about to conquer the world of kids’ crafts! Influenced by the popularity of Japanese animé, video-game culture, and urban illustration and design, lovable plush monsters have become a big new phenomenon. Yet they’re so simple to sew that kids can do it—as long as they have this book, the only one of its kind created just for children.

Just take fabric, a needle and thread, and stuffing to make one of a dozen cute, odd, and irresistible projects: creatures fashioned from old clothes, sporting Velcro faces (change expressions everyday!), and that even do double duty as mp3 player covers, backpacks, and pillows.

Sidebars offer amusing information about the critters’ names, skills, and tastes. Not only will kids have fun, they’ll learn how to work with patterns and master basic hand and machine sewing skills. And, because encouraging creativity is so important, the guide suggests variations so children can make one-of-a-kind creations.

95 pages