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by Helen M. Stevens

Helen explores each month of the year in embroidery through traditional celebrations such as Christmas and Easter, Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July, as well as through the changing scenes of nature like the appearance of the first snowdrops, the arrival of migrating birds like the swallow, harvesting the corn, or the ripening of autumn fruits.

Helen's special talents lie in her close observation of the flora and fauna of the natural world and translating them with skill into exquisite embroideries. In this book she continues to share her secrets with the reader.

- 1 - January: Twelfth Night, the first flowers
- 2 - February: Valentine's day, nest-building birds
- 3 - March: St Patrick's day, mad March hares
- 4 - April: April Fool's day, cuckoos calling
- 5 - May: May Day, late spring flowers
- 6 - June: Midsummer, honeysuckle and roses
- 7 - July: Bastille Day, young animals and birds
- 8 - August: Holiday time and rich hedgerows
- 9 - September: Autumn fairs, squirrels and jays
- 10 - October: Halloween, antlered deer
- 11 - November: Thanksgiving, long dark nights
- 12 - December: Yuletide, frost and snow
- Basic Techniques, Materials, Suppliers
- Acknowledgments
- Index

135 pages.