Encaustic Art Waxes - Starter Set

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Encaustic Art Waxes - Starter Set



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The versatility of encaustic waxes, colored with pigments, then applied and tooled with low-heat instruments or used with hair brushes from a molten palette is truly outstanding. Portraits have been painted this way for more than 2000 years and today there is a strong resurgence of interest and activity in the field of encaustic. The medium is experiencing a revolution; a re-birth of heat and wax techniques with materials that offer unusual luminosity, durability, style and creative potential.

The Blue Wool Scale runs from 0 to 8 and rates worst fade as 0 and best permanence as 8. It is a measurement of the amount of fade caused by exposure to sunlight over a 3 month period. These Encaustic Art wax blocks are made with pigments that are rated No.8 on the blue wool scale. However, where pastel colors are formed and a lot of white is used in the mix, the color fastness could be lessened and some fading of hue may occur over time.

Set of 16 different, 1/2 ounce blocks of wax, one each of the following colors:
* Crimson
* Golden Yellow
* Leaf Green
* Blue Green
* Ultramarine Blue
* Red Violet
* Rust Brown
* Yellowish Brown
* Black
* White
* Prussian Blue
* Olive Green
* Pink
* Gold
* Silver
* Clear