Enkaustikos Wax Medium - 1.5 oz.

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Enkaustikos Wax Medium - 1.5 oz.Enkaustikos Wax Medium - 1.5 oz. - Image 2
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Enkaustikos Wax Medium is made from U.S. Pharmaceutical Grade Beeswax and Damar Resin. Wax Medium has many uses when it comes to encaustics. It can be used as a topcoat, a basecoat, or it can be used to create a textured surface. It can even be added to your wax paints to increase transparency for glazing techniques.

For those who like custom colors, wax medium is ideal for mixing with your own pigments.

Since it is such a versatile medium, Enkaustikos manufactures two types: Enkaustikos Original Wax Medium and Enkaustikos XD Wax Medium which includes extra damar.

Wax Medium Vs XD

One way to use wax medium is by applying it as a top coat and fortunately, wax medium will give an ethereal effect without obscuring artwork underneath. Looking at the images below, the left image shows the original Enkaustikos Wax Medium brushed over a print and the right shows XD over the same print. The XD is slightly more yellow due to the higher load of damar resin, but it is also more clear and will become more level with the use of a heat gun.

1.5 fl. oz. tin.

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