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Altered Tin with Carol Murphy


  • Altered Tin with Carol Murphy

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  • Altered Tin with Carol Murphy

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What do you get when you combine Teesha Moore’s wonderfully wacky collage images with tin boxes, and family photos? Unique wall art, new ways to show off pictures of family and friends, and standing shadow boxes, of course! If you have been on the fence about delving into the world of assemblage art this is the time to jump right in.

Week One: Week One will focus on preparing the surfaces of our tins, using several different methods to achieve color and texture. You will learn new techniques to showcase your art and combine metal findings, ephemera, and collage images to create this whimsical little shadow box. Alternative choices will be discussed utilizing bottle caps and a few other goodies for the “feet” of your project. You will also learn a quick and easy technique to turn your “standing” piece of work into wall art. Add dimension by building layers and add interest using size, depth, and unexpected imagery.

Week Two: In the second and final lesson, we will focus on decorating a few pieces of wall art. A few more surface techniques will be introduced and again we will work with depth and layering to achieve that “3 dimensional” feel to our pieces. This week you will also be introduced to some ideas on how to add depth to your collage work and card making, ATCs, etc.

The techniques you will learn in this class are simple and versatile. Gather up all your precious memories, grandma’s jewelry, old buttons, hairpins, maybe baby’s first tooth-or lock of hair and arrange them in a new and unique way. Add some pictures and mementos and you have a special, one of a kind gift for the holidays or anytime. This is a great way to memorialize a loved one or close friend.

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