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Bead Embroidery for Beginners with Léonie Hartley-Hoover


  • Bead Embroidery for Beginners with Léonie Hartley-Hoover

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  • Bead Embroidery for Beginners with Léonie Hartley-Hoover

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  • Bead Embroidery for Beginners with Léonie Hartley-Hoover

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This class is directed towards beginners and is set out as a foundation for you to learn basic bead embroidery skills that you can build on. Please join me on this exciting journey as we learn and play together!

Bead embroidery is making a significant comeback, particularly in the fashion and home decor industries and many of us are thrilled to embellish our clothes, and accessories at far more reasonable prices than couturiers and décor houses can offer us! There’s no better time to learn this skill, what with so many resources and supplies available on the market.

I would like to stress that this class is geared towards the student with minimal or no previous experience and it is a handwork course. I will endeavor to work closely with you and encourage individual efforts and goals.

Week 1: Introduces you to the right “ tools”, threads, fabrics, stabilizers, preparations etc. You will learn some basic stitches and start a practice sampler.

Week 2: We will continue to learn more stitches increasing in difficulty, work on tension, discuss color and design techniques and how to transfer designs to fabric. We will work on a simple design for homework this week.

Week 3: We’ll cover tips and techniques to incorporate buttons and charms into your beadwork, including some minimal dimensional work. I’ll discuss how to look for and adapt embellishments to suit your needs. Learn the right way to work with sequins and how to make your own trims at a fraction of the retail price.

Week 4: Beading and embellishing clothes. How to prepare fabrics and patterns for your own creations and working with ready made clothing. Avoiding disasters and disappointment by looking and planning ahead. Students are encouraged to work on their chosen individual projects, i.e., cuffs, collars, skirt hem, seam treatments etc. for homework.

Week 5: Basic edging, fringes and finishing techniques. I’ll talk about bead resources on the web, books, pattern ideas, eye candy and the ever important copyright issues.

Week 6: All too soon, we are down to the last lesson. I’ll give you some final pointers, do a little review and then you can put some of your newly acquired skills and techniques to work on a small needlecase specifically for beading supplies, OR a special key chain fob that will house your driver’s licence and folded money for a quick drive to the corner store!

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