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Queen of Hearts with Judy Skeel


  • Queen of Hearts with Judy Skeel

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  • Queen of Hearts with Judy Skeel

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  • Queen of Hearts with Judy Skeel

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The famous Queen from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll is now a 19" mixed media sculpture workshop incorporating paper, wire, air dry clay and fabric and does not require a sewing machine!

Learn techniques to work with fabric using fusible products and only a small amount of hand sewing. The Queen’s face includes glass eyes, dimensional eyelids and lashes, and some basic needle sculpting with knit fabric. Her Majesty’s hands are covered in fabric without a single stitch sewn! No finger turning at all! The elaborate headdress that supports her crown includes air dry clay, fabric and wire techniques.

If you are interested in mixed media projects you’ll find an assortment of methods used to create this wonderful character in this fun filled workshop. If you are interested in dollmaking you’ll find totally new approaches compared to your typical cloth doll workshop.

This class requires no specific skills except the ability to hand sew a straight line so all skill levels are welcome for this workshop. Join us for the first character in a series of Alice in wonderland mixed media sculptures.

Lesson 1:
Construct the base to the mannequin with texture using paper techniques.
Attach and needlesculpt the head.

Lesson 2:
Add facial details, create the underskirt and overskirt and create the armature for the arms.

Lesson 3:
Create pose able no-sew hands from cloth, stiffen lace and create stand up lace collar and cuffs.

Lesson 4:
Complete the crown and headdress; complete the staff and add final embellishments and trims

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