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ScratchFoam - 6" x 9" sheets or 9" x 12"  **  Paint - anything such as Golden Fluid Acrylics, Liquitex Soft-Bodied Acrylics, Lumiere, etc.  **  Acrylic Glazing medium - satin  OR Acrylic Glazing Medium - gloss  ** Palette knife  **  Disposable palette pad  **  Fabric - I used some regular muslin.  You can use Prepared For Dye Fabric as well.  If you use muslin or other fabric that's not labeled PDF, be sure to wash the sizing out before printing on it.  **  I also used cotton velveteen and unprimed cotton canvas in the samples shown below  **  A hard rubber brayer - see a Rollrite brand one here or a Speedball one here  **  Ball Stylus  **  Small circle template


Here's the first tree I printed, a simple outline...


And the second one.  I think using Scratch Foam like this opens a very large door of possibilities.


Here's my "apple" tree.  You saw me cut the circles out in the video and I promised to show you what the print looked like.  Again, there are just so many options and ways to get creative.



These are all of the elements I cut out of Scratch Foam.  What I didn't have time to try is using the center I cut from the wavy border rectangle.  It's the piece in the very lower left corner.  The one that's still white because I didn't use it.  I could have inked and printed it on a page to create the opposite effect of printing the wavy border... which you can see in the next photo.


I used it on a page in one of my journals.  I could draw around it in Zentangle fashion, write around the border with a Pigma or PITT pen, or collage papers, etc on it.  Or, how about using it to frame a photo?  Yup that works too!  We're stocking Scratch Foam in 9" x 12" sheets now along with the 6" x 9" size.  With the larger version you can cut the piece down to fit the page, draw and cut out the border design, then print for a custom border that exactly fits the page, exactly as you imagined!


These are the samples from the video where I used Scratch Foam as a pseudo unmounted rubber stamp.  Any shape you can cut you can print with!


Not only can you print on muslin or other smooth fabrics, you can also print on ones that are less smooth.  The heart in the upper left corner was printed on a leftover page from the Little Book of Love project.  It's 100% cotton, unprimed canvas that I applied gesso to then stamped the heart on.  The two pink hearts were printed on the canvas, but this time without it having been gessoed.  The purple hearts were printed on cotton velveteen.  This works because the nap is so short.  I didn't try printing on silk velvet, which has a longer nap, but suspect the outcome would not have been as good.  There's just too much bounce in the fiber to get a crisp impression. 


I'm not sure what I'll do with this one, but I stitched around the outline and like it so far.


See how there's bleeding around the edges?  That's because I sprayed too much water on the canvas before I printed the heart.  Lesson learned!


A sneak peek at a heart printed on cotton velveteen that I painted and used another technique on before the heart was printed.  Details will be forthcoming in another video!


The monoprint you saw on the video.  Not the most inspired design, but you get the idea of how the process works!  You can print on fabric in this way too...


This is another design I tried after we finished filming.  The beauty of monoprinting is that once you pull the image you wipe the Scratch Foam plate clean and can start again.  Unlike glass or Plexiglas which has to be cut using special equipment, you can easily cut Scratch Foam to the exact size plate you need.  Simple, easy and fun! 

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