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Kanzashi In Bloom - the book that shows how to fold three styles of petals and much more!  **  Clover Kanzashi Flower Makers, selected fat quarter packs, ideas for flower centers, plus many other Kanzashi supplies can be seen by clicking here

My Barbie's petal is not difficult to fold, once you know how.  Jess and I decided that it might be a good idea to provide still photos along with the video to help you master the steps.  Those photos can be found toward the bottom of this page, waaaay at the end, after the photos of the flower samples.


Here's the flower I demoed in the video.  These are the same round style petals, I just made them from different fabric and didn't puff out the end of the green/turquoise ones.  Add in a Melissa Francis brooch for the center and you have a fabulous flower!


An assortment of Kanzashi flowers.  Details about each and close up photos begin just below this one.  


This one was made with my Barbie's petal for the base, then I folded the purple center flower using the round petal technique from the book.  The main flower was folded from 3" squares and the smaller purple one from 1 1/2" squares.  Add some beads and a button for the center and call it done!


This one was made using petals from the Clover gathered large petal template (#8485) and the pleated petal from Kanzashi In Bloom.  I tried the pleated petal with the "right" side up, but once I flipped it over and saw how the other side looked I decided to go with the reverse.  Making a flower from the flower templates combined with the ones you fold by hand is not any more difficult than making one any other way.  Just plan ahead a little... fold the petals by hand first so they're ready to string, then begin making the ones with the template.  Make the first one with the template, then string on one of the premade hand folded ones, make another with the template, and so on till you have as many as you want ready to tie in a circle.  Here are a couple of photos that show the process...


Folded petals ready and the first one being made with the template is ready to be sewn...

Once the first one is made with the template, string on one you hand folded...

With those two on, it's time to make another with the template...

Alternate ones made with the template and the ones you folded by hand till you have enough for a flower...

And tie it up into a circle - and voila!  A flower made with both styles!


This one too combines a petal made from the Clover flower makers (#8483 large pointed) with one from the book; the pointed petal.  I used the backside of the pointed petal because I liked the way it looked - all of the folds were a nice contrast to the more open look of the large pointed petal.


This is made from the pleated petal technique in the book and was folded from 2" squares.  It was intended to be used as a layer on the top of the round petal flower in the next photo, but proved to be too large.  That one was made from 3" squares and for the top one to look like it belongs it has to be smaller than this one turned out.  It's still a really pretty flower!


Not sure where I'm going with this yet...  I may layer another flower on top (remembering to keep it scaled properly).  Or just add a spectacular center!


Barbie's petal - step-by-step...

Fold the square in half and pinch the corners


Fold up one side and add that corner to the two you're already pinching.  Do the same thing to the other side.


While you're pinching all 4 corners with one hand, use the other to gently grab the opposite corner and ease the piece into a square shape.


Lay it on your work surface and finger press all of the sides so the square lays nice and flat.  Make sure the two sides with raw edges are toward the bottom and the two with folds on the top.


Imagine a vertical line running from the point at the top to the one at the bottom.  Take the top layer and fold it in about halfway to that imaginary vertical line.


Turn the fabric over and do the exact same thing on the other side - now you have a square with a regular corner on the left and the one on the right has the top and bottom layers folded toward that center line.


Do the same thing on the left side - grab the corner of the top layer and fold it about halfway in, toward that imaginary vertical line in the center.


Flip the piece over and repeat and your square should look like this.


Pick up the square so that you're holding it with your fingers and thumbs as I am here.  Gently fold the square in half on that imaginary center line - do not crease.


Rotate your thumbs upward and gently fold the sides back up, making a fold about half way up, so that they match that top fold you made in the last step.


You will need to arrange the piece a little, but this is what the petal looks like once it's folded.  Put a pin in it to hold the folds in place and make more!

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